Charles Elbert Epton - Obituary - American National Bank of Spartanburg - Cashier

Charles Elbert Epton

09/04/1863 – Spartanburg, SC
11/17/1916 – Spartanburg, SC

Charles E. Epton
Special to The State
Spartanburg, Nov. 17. – Charles E Epton, cashier of the American National bank, and treasurer of the Southern Trust company and the American Perpetual Building and Loan association, died at his home on south Church street about noon today, following a stroke of paralysis which occurred while he was at work at his desk this morning.  Mr. Epton became aware several days ago that his health was becoming impaired, but he kept at his desk until he was stricken with paralysis this morning.  He is survived by his widow, Mrs. Laura Epton, and one brother, L.P. Epton, a local real estate dealer.  He was a son of the late John Epton and Mrs. Melinda Stewart Epton, and was born in the Cherokee Springs section of the county.  As a young man he spent several years in Augusts, where he was engaged in the cotton business.  He came here about 1900 and since that time has resided in this city.  For a while he was auditor, but later became bookkeeper for the American National bank, and from that place gradually climbed to the position he held at his death.  Mr. Epton was a member of the Methodist church at Cedar Springs from early youth.

Other information regarding CE Epton:

As a young man out to conquer the world Charles set off for Augusta, Georgia where he got involved in the cotton business. Soon disenchanted with the prospects in this line, he returned to Spartanburg a few years later and worked as assistant to his brother Leland P. Epton, who at that time was Auditor of Spartanburg County. When Leland P. resigned his office to run for Comptroller General, Chas. E. continued as assistant in the Auditor's office. At the death of his superior, a Mr. Brewton, in 1900, Charles received the appointment to the office of Auditor and was later elected by the people for a full term. This same year Charles married Laura Vass (4 Mar 1900). Laura was the daughter of M. E. Vass of Spartanburg. They set up housekeeping at 260 South Church Street.  Charles Elbert was 'a highly respected citizen and one in whom his business associates placed their explicit confidence.' He was 'a man of a high sense of honor.  In 1903, when the American National Bank was organized by J. H. Sloan & Associates, Charles Elbert took a position as bookkeeper, and 'by faithful attention to his duties and his marked ability he steadily climbed to the cashiership of the bank.' In 1906 Joseph Norwood left the Bank and Charles E. was elected by the directors to succeed him as cashier. In addition to holding this post at the American National Bank, Charles was treasurer of both the Southern Trust company and the American Perpetual Building and Loan.